HLS to Premiere on the Sportsman Channel!

That’s right!!!  Hook, Line & Skillet is going national! Contracts have been signed and we are all set for our thirteen week run on the Sportsman Channel. It all begins on Tuesday, March 29th 2011 at 8pm.

You can catch Hook, Line & Skillet three times each week: Tuesday at 8pm ET, Wednesday at 7:30am ET and Saturday at 11:30pm ET.

To see if you get the Sportsman Channel in your area go to http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com They have a channel locator there. In the northeast you can find us on Verizon Fios Channel 308, Cablevision Channel 462, Direct TV Channel 605, and Dish Network Channel 285, 395.

Two years of hard work and our dream has come true, but it wouldn’t have happened without the help of family and friends.

Thank you to everyone who pledged something during our fund raiser. Here is a list of people who showed their support.

You are all Hook, Line & Skillet heroes forever!!!

Maria Sorrentino                                                                  

Erol Bal                                                                       

Christina Holden                                                                      

Heather Stock                                                             



John and Patricia Headley                                                                      

Jay and Jenn    

John Vargo

Tony Bonilla

Vic Torrini

Jose Flores

Monica Hill            

Kelly Baden                                        

Walter E. Baran                                                           

Morgan Baden                                                                        

Nichole Myers                                     


Brontosaurus Rex                                                                    

Peter Stevens    

Daniela Zivkovic                                                                      

Kyle Chrise                                                                 

Alana Cooley                                                              

Christine DiPilla                                                                       

James Hill                                                                    

Cheryl Dunphy                                                                        

Charles Wolk                                                  

Mike Lisante                                                               

Regina Rodgers                                                                       

Michael Palumbo                                                                     

Kenny Kramme                                                                       

Michael Giacobbe                   

Michael Jewell                                                             

Thomas E. Rome                                                                     


Brianne Bonilla                                                                        

Joe Kraus                                                                    

Stanley Titterington                                                                  


Shelly McNinney                                                         

Jessica Stock                                                               

Jim N.                                                             

Sarah Carlson                                                              

Chris Mignemi                                                 

David Shaw                                                                 

Erin Healy                                                                   

Robin Lakian Dalton                                                                

Tom Buckley                                                               

Greg Hafner                                                                

Regina Tricarico                                                                      

Tom Miceli

Chris Crater

Matt Block                                                                  

Gorski Family                                                              

Sam Della Fera                                                            

Tina Gordon                                                                

Lindsey O’Connell                                                                   

Thomas P. Bonilla                                                                    

Ed Colavito                                                                 

Phil Matthews                                                              

Central Bark Designs                                                   

Mobile video                                                               

John Burns                                                                  


Maria Kielar                                                                

Diane Turowski                                                                       

Annie Hood                                                                 

The Stumpf Family                                                       

Henry McDonald                                                                     

Michael Miceli                                                 

Julia Johnson

Kathy Flores                                                               


Liz Weaver

Sabina Ryman

Cara Karp

Bill Seesselberg                                                           

Mike McAuley                                                                        

Ulrike Stachl Food Goddess                                                                

Kelly Davidson

Tony Miceli

Justin Funk

Helen Stock

Casey Earley

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  1. Congratulations on the Sportsman Channel deal!!
    I Knew you guys could do it!
    Best wishes for continued success, awesome fishing and delicious meals!
    Jeffrey Wilerth, Erthbound Entertainment

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